The Body and Blood Christian Screensaver 4.0


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"The Body and Blood" is a screensaver with a religious theme. The screensaver shows two slices of bread and a silver chalice with water, which symbolize the Body and Blood of Christ. These are shown from different perspectives and angles like if they were being filmed by a rotating camera. The scene is animated and the quality isn't quite good, but this may have to do with my graphics card. However, the best about this screensaver is the piano music. It includes different beautiful pieces that you will surely enjoy. If you don't like the music, you can mute the sounds or you can add your own music playlist. The settings menu will allow you to configure, not only your own music playlist but even the one included in the screensaver. You can also configure the exit conditions, choosing from many options. Be very careful when installing the screensaver because you may install additional toolbars and even other screensavers that you may not want. Be sure you read the setup really carefully and uncheck unnecessary options and programs. In short, if you are a religious person, The Body and Blood 3D Christian Screensaver can be a nice choice for decorating your screen with a symbolic scene completely for free.

Systems: Windows

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